Habitat doesn’t give away houses

Adams Thermal home dedication July 2014

As numerous studies have shown, when parties have an investment in a process, they are more likely to show long-term commitment, take it seriously, and feel personally vested. Habitat for Humanity is based on this premise. Thus, our partner families BUY the homes THEY help build.

1. Being a Habitat partner family is approximately a two year process – from first applying, through the interviews and credit reports, to educational classes and building their own home, wrapping up with a home dedication and signing a mortgage.

2. Applicants are required to be legal residents or citizens of the US.

3.  Habitat home owners make mortgage payments like most of us. The mortgage payment covers the cost of the land, materials, and subcontractors. What makes it more affordable? The labor is donated and the loan is at 0% interest.

4. Habitat home owners pay property taxes, pay utility bills, and are responsible for their property like any other home owner.

If you’d like to learn more, visit our Home Ownership Program page. Or, call our Family Services Coordinator at 274-6290. Lisa would appreciate the opportunity to talk to you.