Eide Bailly Superheros 2016

ReStorAtion Art Auction

Saturday, April 22 at 7 pm

At Icon Event Hall (downtown near 6th & Main)

Artists and makers repurposed 195 ReStore items into 93 works of art and furniture that will be sold at live and silent auction! Here’s the collection. Prepare to be amazed! Each and every one includes at least one thing from our ReStore. This is the premier Sioux Falls upcycled art show of the year!

This year the event will be on Earth Day, continuing our focus on promoting protection of the environment and reusing!

The band Bangtail will play. Chuck Sutton of Sutton Auction House will run the live auction. And the cash bar will open with a complimentary dessert bar.

As always, tickets are free! You can print them for a save the date.


This is our fourth annual ReStorAtion Art Auction. In three years, artists have raised $17,814, upcycled 243 ReStore items into 129 pieces of art. This year will set a record with 93 pieces!! We are excited to share them with you, and for you to take them home and beautify your homes.

Our goal is to raise awareness about our ReStore and the impact of recycling / upcycling items. We envision changing the way shoppers view ReStore items, when they walk around the store. We hope to grow our network of ReStore shoppers. We aim to strengthen the connection between our ReStore and our construction and NR programs. And all of this re-enforces the environmental impact of a donated goods resale store for home building and home goods.


The third annual ReStorAtion Art Auction was hosted on Saturday, April 16, 2016 at Icon Event Hall + Lounge. We raised $6,019, sold every submission (48), and recycled 101 ReStore items into works of art.

Pictures of the 2016 event

Submissions, like this string art creation by Ashley Rieck

Ashley Rieck's Scattered & Sewn








The Gathering on April 16, 2016


The Sioux Falls ReStore keeps 300 tons of building material out of the local landfill each year! That equals 43 adult elephants. Imagine that!  Donations of new, gently used, and antique home building and home goods by individuals, contractors and corporations amounts to 43 elephants. Those items include picture frames and pictures, doors, light fixtures galore, tile and glass. The imagination runs wild thinking about what artists will design for their ReStorAtion Art Auction original. These items have found a second life at the ReStore. Learn more about our ReStore here.


If you have questions, or can envision partnering on our special event, please contact Niki Schillerstrom, Community Relations Director, via email or 605-274-6291.



JAM Art & Supplies – November 18, 2014


2014 was the first year we hosted the ReStorAtion Art Auction. The special event was featured Earth Day weekend. We raised $7,000, sold 44 pieces, and entertained 200 guests!

Here are pictures of the event, hosted Saturday, April 19, 2014.

Here are pictures of the items that were sold at the auction.

In 2014, we had the privilege of being featured in…

A documentary!! A traveling documentary team from Massachusetts covered our art auction for the SD reuse/repurpose feature. Check out the trailer.

Argus Leader Link – April 18, 2014

April 8, 2014, we were invited to attend PKN, PechaKucha Night, at the Sioux Falls Design Center. What a great night! One presentation, in six minutes, with 20 slides, the slide rotating every 20 seconds. Go!

Argus Leader – March 15, 2014

Sioux Falls Woman – the article is on pages 18-19 in the February-March issue.

Etc For Her – the article is on pages 68-71 in the January issue.

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