RV Care-A-Vanners

RV Care-A-Vanners

The 2016 schedule was June 19 through July 1.

We have had the joy of hosting an RV Care-A-Vanners team for several years. The Care-A-Vanners are volunteers who travel the country in RVs, stopping at Habitat affiliates along the way, working on builds or at disaster relief scenes. They are unpaid, short of locally made, home cooked meals and t-shirts to commemorate their stay! Typically, Care-A-Vanners volunteered locally, before retiring, and are bringing their love of Habitat and construction with them on the road. The teams we’ve hosted got a lot done during their two-week stays! Care-A-Vanners sign-up through Habitat for Humanity International and then choose Sioux Falls. They may visit five affiliates, while crossing the country, or visit one affiliate, traveling between two states. It’s always a new team, although we have seen a couple of “repeat” volunteers. We love that! If you’re interesting in learning more about being a Care-A-Vanner, visit Habitat International’s site.

Help Us Host Them

We coordinate 10 lunches and 10 snacks to keep them well fed (over the course of two weeks, Monday through Friday). We love to hear from church food groups, kitchen ladies and men, youth groups, restaurants – just to name a few. Thank you! Snacks are served at 10 am. They can be dropped off at Habitat Sioux Falls and we can deliver them. Or you can take it yourself, and share fellowship and fun with the Care-A-Vanners. We share the address, when you sign-up. Lunch is served at 12 noon at the build site. We ask that you provide the meal and tableware. And please be prepared to stay a while – sharing the meal and stories with the Care-A-Vanners. All are welcome. As a Christian organization, we believe we serve as the hands and feet of Christ on Earth.

If you’re interested in helping us host Care-A-Vanners in 2017, please keep this in mind, talk to your friends and family, or co-workers, and let us know spring of 2017. Thanks!

Care-A-Vanners – 2016

We hosted the 2016 team from June 19 through July 2. A welcome reception was on Sunday evening, June 19. Volunteer days were Monday through Friday.


The 2016 team

The 2015 team

The 2014 team

The 2013 team


We have enjoyed some media coverage during RV Care-A-Vanners visits.

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