Christmas Giving 2018

Elikana & Josephina FHLB Build 2013

The holidays are upon us, as are opportunities to give. Opportunities to support the organizations we hold near and dear to our hearts. We love hearing about what makes our volunteers tick, what inspires our donors, and how Habitat impacts the lives of our homeowners – long and short term! It’s a joy to do this work, and to live this mission in this caring community.

Elikana and Josephina moved to Sioux Falls 9 years ago and moved into their Habitat house 5 years ago. Catching up was a joy! Seeing how their family has grown (grandchildren!), that their high school daughters went on to college, and hearing about health-related job changes was interesting and inspiring. Please support our Christmas Giving campaign and give us the chance to catch up in five years with one of our families that is currently building!