What are the benefits of Habitat home ownership?

What are the benefits of Habitat home ownership?


Your monthly mortgage loan payments are kept affordable – at or below 30% of your gross monthly income.


You receive one-on-one financial coaching to help you budget for your future home and to prepare you financially for home ownership. Other group classes will help you learn various aspects of home maintenance and preparation for home ownership. We want you to be a successful homeowner!


Throughout your partnership, you will work closely with our staff, as well as community volunteers. You will receive invaluable experience as you work the sweat equity hours on the construction sites. Your participation in the construction or rehabilitation of Habitat homes will equip you with skills that will help you maintain and repair your home in the future.

Post-Purchase Support

Habitat staff remains available to provide you with resources and assistance after you purchase your home. We are your lender, and we remain your primary contact for any questions or concerns related to your home loans.

A Trusted Partner

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sioux Falls has been building or rehabilitating homes in our service area since 1989. As we close 2018, we will be completing our 158th home. This means 158 families in our community (243 adults and 630 children) have been impacted by the work of Habitat for Humanity. Habitat’s standard of building or rehabbing homes to meet ENERGY STAR ratings means that our homes are energy-efficient as well as affordable.


How Much Does It Cost to Purchase a Habitat Home?

When a Habitat home is sold to a homebuyer partner, the appraised value of the home becomes the sales price of the home. In recent years, Habitat homes in the Greater Sioux Falls area have appraised from $120,000 to $193,000 depending on the location of the property and the style and size of the home (new construction, rehab, twin home, single family, etc.).

How Are Habitat Homes Made Affordable?

Habitat is the builder, the seller, and the lender for the real estate transaction. Habitat finances the sale with affordable loans (0.01% APR). The homes are built or rehabilitated with volunteer labor, under the supervision of Habitat staff. Habitat adjusts the loan types and/or the loan terms to ensure that the starting monthly house payment does not exceed 30% of the applicants’ gross monthly income.

What Are The Construction Locations, Choices and Options?

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sioux Falls serves Minnehaha, Lincoln and Turner counties, but can only build where land is owned by Habitat. Each construction season is different in the Habitat program, and there is no guarantee of a particular home location, type or style. Lot assignments are made solely by Habitat, based on secured funding and the available inventory. All homes sold by Habitat must meet construction standards set by Habitat International. In order to keep homes affordable to build and to purchase, construction options are limited. Habitat is not a custom builder and cannot build to the preferences of the applicant.