Sioux Falls Serves July 20, 2012

Neighborhood Revitalization

Habitat’s Neighborhood Revitalization program helps preserve existing home ownership by partnering with homeowners who are struggling to maintain a safe place to live. It includes exterior painting, weatherization, and minor repairs. It is common for home maintenance to be deferred, when basic expenses exceed income month after month. Years of this can cause a downward spiral of home deterioration and unsafe living conditions.

  • Are you living in challenging circumstances, which have created issues that are beyond what you can handle on your own?
  • Are you struggling to keep your home in livable condition?
  • Have you had to choose between paying for food, medication, taxes and basic utilities?
  • Are you facing city code violations or homeowner insurance cancellation due to the condition of your home?


  • The home must be owner-occupied and located in Minnehaha or Lincoln County.
  • The homeowner must qualify as low-income. See the application below for income guidelines.
  • The scope of work must match our program resources.
  • All able-bodied homeowners and residents of the home at least 14 years of age are required to work alongside the volunteers.
  • Homeowners are expected to be cooperative partners with Habitat staff and volunteers.
  • Homeowners will reimburse Habitat Sioux Falls for the supplies used to complete the project.

Once a homeowner’s eligibility is determined and their application is accepted, Habitat Sioux Falls provides caring volunteer groups to come alongside and assist homeowners in completing minor repairs, painting and yard work.


Download and complete the NR Application.

Submit the application, proof of annual household income, and proof of home ownership to:

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sioux Falls
Attn: NR Coordinator
721 E Amidon St
Sioux Falls, SD 57104

NR groups at work

We have completed over 128 Neighborhood Revitalization and A Brush With Kindness projects since 2010 with the help of groups like Holmes Murphy, Eide Bailly and Sioux Falls Serve. Check out their pictures!

Pizza Ranch BHIVE (benefit, help, invest, volunteer, engage) resurfaced a deck on October 15, 2016 on Lafayette Place in Sioux Falls

USD Habitat chapter primed a house on October 15, 2016 on Fairfax Ave in Sioux Falls

Janssen Pharmaceuticals painted a house on October 10, 2016 on St Paul Ave in Sioux Falls

Augustana College volunteers scraped two decks on October 8, 2016 on Lafayette Place in Sioux Falls

Master’s Builders rebuilt a deck on August, 2016 on N Mable Ave in Sioux Falls

Eide Bailly Community Day on July 14, 2016 on N Mable Ave in Sioux Falls

Holmes Murphy on August 4 and 5, 2015 at Brookings St in Sioux Falls

Eide Bailly Community Day on June 30, 2015 on E Lyndale Ave in Sioux Falls

Sioux Falls Serve in July, 2015 on Brookings St in Sioux Falls